EMODnet Jamboree Joint Session: EMODnet dialogue: Citizen Science

How to connect:
use following zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcudOqupjktHdB5qztUTD-A6tRZpghLdaA7

Short outline: EMODnet is increasingly expanding and diversifying its collaborations and partnerships with data providers and users. There are already some tangible examples of where EMODnet cooperates with citizen science projects e.g. EMODnet Physics and EMODnet Chemistry. This workshop will explore these existing collaborations, hear from invited experts about wider citizen science initiatives and discuss how EMODnet in its next phase can more systematically link with citizen science to not only expand the data provision from citizen science, but also find ways to encourage citizen science to work closer with EMODnet across the full value chain.

The event will touch:
  • EC DG MARE intervention on EMODnet next phase
  • Setting the Scene: Presentation to set the scene on the interaction between EMODnet and marine citizen science in Europe.
  • Case studies of Citizen Science for EMODnet: Four case studies from citizen science communities across the value chain.
  • Panel Discussion: Panel and plenary discussions on three topics covering the technical challenges for citizen science data and upgrading knowledge of citizen science within the EMODnet platform.